Princess Extra Smooth Premium Full Slip Petticoat,School Petticoat for Girls - 2 Pcs

  • Rs. 399.00
  • Save Rs. 100

  • Infant YogiTM Reputed Brand in Handloom/Traditional items. 100% Genuine items with Quality.
  • The fabric is thin.Light weight & smooth. Specially chosen to ensure comfortable wearing( Its Pure cotton of high quality , and not elastic combed cotton, which usually uses in vests etc)
  • 2 Pcs Pack. Very good Night Dress for Kids.
  • Available from 22 inches Length to 38 inch length sizes ( for 2 Yrs to 15 Yrs aged Girls)
  • Premium quality assured product. Your kids will like it.

Infant YogiTM: Princess Extra Smooth Innerwear -Help her stay active with this practical and durable pair of girls' underwear for a great fit she'll love. Available in Extra soft, Feather Light and stylish mercerized cotton for that easy-care look This all-season garment is comfortable in any weather, and looks great. Get it in a classic, crisp, clean and bright white. The specialized export quality Cotton provides a soft and lightweight feel. Its thin & highly breathable,Hygenic, Stylish Pure Cool Cotton Moisture Control. Cotton fabric is breathable and transmits moisture away from the body and is absorbent and removes liquid from the skin, like a towel, according to Cotton Incorporated.Cotton allows you to remain comfortable as you exercise, keeping moisture from building up between your skin and clothing. A Healthy choice for Kids and Teens. Best casual/inner wear and night dress for girls.